Professional Painting Services

If you want to paint your home or building, then instead of getting your building paint every now and then it is better to hire our professional painters which suits your time and budget using highest quality paints and makes your life hassle free.

About Our Business Credentials:

Our company have professional experts that will make your building look aesthetically pleasing. We work hard to provide protection to your walls, improve structural integrity with quality paint, increase your house value, make you feel happy and relaxed, saves your time and hassle and reduces chances of mistakes. Our company is fully licensed and insured and use highest quality paints.

TLC Painting Experts Experience:

Our painting experts have extensive experience that can give a fresh look to your building using modern equipment and tools, by following SOPs, and make sure that your property is protected from premature deterioration within best suitable price.

TLC Painting Experts Insurance:

TLC Painting Experts Is A California Corporation Established In Los Angeles; CA. Whose Primary Trade Is Listed As A Commercial Painting Contractor. Business Established On 04/28/1999, With 38 Employees And Is Rated A+A+A+

TLC Painting Experts License:

A License Status Check Provides Information Taken From The CLSB License Database. Contractor’s License Detail # 1057169: TLC Painting Experts Inc. 8939 S Sepulveda Blvd Suite 102 Los Angeles, CA. 90045. This License Is Current And Active.

3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Painting Contractor:

While hiring a Painting Contractor, make sure to consider the following things in them:

Painting Experience:

Experience matters a lot. If you hire a painter that has working experience, then you won’t have to worry for the painting project. Because they know how to paint and prepare the space. Professional painter will give you the detailed information about the painting process and help you choose the right colors for your building. Painting experience help the painter know about the product details. They know the genuine products and know how to apply them on specific areas in how many coats of paint.

Consumer Reviews:

When searching for a painter or company, make sure to know the previous consumer reviews about them because they can inform you exact information about them.

Previous Projects:

Previous projects on company’ website will help you know about their work which develop confidence in you for the company and their quality.

3 Benefits of Our Professional Painting Service:

Professional Painting is a challenging and sensitive job. TLC Painting Services provide you with the best services and allow you to choose the right type of paint for your building. They know how many coats of paint are required for paint to last longer and sustain the weather conditions. You can also decide designs, time-limit and discuss the cost with the company. Highest quality paints with clean tools and materials are used which you can inspect. This paint last much longer than the ordinary paint. The three benefits of our Professional Painting Services are:

Quality Results:

Quality results come from experience. Our company will make sure to give its best and complete the job within limited time.

Safety Is Key:

You never want to damage your personal belongings while our painting experts are painting your home. So, we make sure to use the right tools and safety equipment to avoid any accidents.


TLC Painting Experts holds a license that is a proof of insurance. We make sure that our license is not expire so you won’t be in any trouble.


We Believe In Backing Our Work With A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
That’s Because We Have Confidence In The Quality Of The Job We Do,
And We Want You To Be Completely Satisfied.

Ready To Transform Your Home Or Business?

If you are planning to paint your building, then TLC Painting is the right choice. For services, do not hesitate and contact us at (310)384-1951, book an appointment and our painters will reach out to you instantly with our modern equipment and tools and provide you fast and reliable painting services.